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Over 300 pics from everywhere of my true love, Jesse.
My goal is to have the LARGEST collection of
Jesse (Musashi) pictures on the Internet!

Unfortunately I do not have an editing program
so James (Kojiro) is in some of them.
Try to ignore him.

Latest Update: 6 June 2005

Click on "Ignorance is Blissey" to
see one reason that I love Jesse.

Click on Jesse to enter
her gallery at the newest page.

Jesse Jesse Jesse

Click on PsyDuck to enter
Jesse's gallery at the first entries.

Jesse Jesse Jesse

Pokemon: Dark Kaleidoscope
Jesse and Ash fall in love ten years later!
A fanfiction work in progress

E-mail me if your artwork is
here and you want the credit for it or
removed from this site. Thank you.

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